Cavity Wall Extraction

If your cavity wall insulation has become defective you may look to have it removed from your cavity walls.


  • The cavity insulation has got wet, which has resulted in the insulation becoming ineffective. This can happen due to a number of reasons such as extreme weather, flooding, porous brickwork or mortar, or through a burst pipe in the attic.
  • Poorly installed cavity wall insulation, installed with an incorrect drilling pattern or at the wrong density. If your insulation is not installed at the correct density you house will not be sufficiently insulated and in worst case scenarios can lead to damp and condensation issues. If this is the case on your property we would extract all the product within your cavities then re-fill ensuring the correct density and filling procedure has been maintained.
  • Old outdated products have been installed such as Urea Formaldehyde insulation. This product was used extensively in the 1970s to insulate homes but is no longer product used in the market. We can remove this material from your cavity walls and re-insulate them with the Mineral Blown Fibre currently used.

We have specialist tools and machinery for performing safe cavity extraction and we can do this with little disturbance to you or your home. Gabriel Insulation has seen an increasing demand for this service following persistent wet weather, and we can extract various kinds of wall insulation.

The following materials can be extracted from your cavities:

  • Polystyrene Bead Insulation
  • Loose and/or bonded Urea Formaldehyde Insulation
  • Rockwool Mineral Fibre
  • Glass Mineral Fibre Insulation

Our teams performing the cavity wall extraction have vast experience in the processes and are fully trained to complete this to ensure full extraction has been carried out with minimal disturbance to your building.

Time to complete depends on the size of the property and extent of the damage, but on average a typical 3 bed detached house can take around two days to complete the process.

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