Noise Problems?

Whether because of noisy neighbours, heavy traffic or general building regulations, we install a variety of acoustic tiles and sound-proofing materials in both residential and business properties. We are specialists in sound and vibration control products, be it under-floor, walls or ceilings.

Airborne Soundproofing

Airborne sound problems occur most often through noisy neighbours or traffic noise. Televisions, loud music, shouting and even general conversation can easily permeate partition walls between properties built without the correct acoutic insulation. We offer bespoke solutions to alleviate theses problems.

Impact Soundproofing

Problems with impact sound require different treatments to airborne sound. The usual culprits are washing machines, dryers and other machinery as well as people walking heavily in properties above. Correct isolation and special impact sound installations significantly reduce vibrations caused by impact from neighbours.

What insulation materials are used?

We install from a large range of high quality sound-proof acoustic materials including matting, tiles, acoustic foam, absorbent quilts and purpose-developed wools and fibres for acoustic isolation and damping.

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