Loft and Roof Insulation

Why should I get my loft insulated?

Loft insulation is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to save money on your energy bills and should pay for itself in no time at all. About a quarter of all heat escapes through the roof in uninsulated homes and the average household can save about £135 pounds per year through installing loft insulation*.

What insulation material is used and how is it fitted?

Mineral Wool Fibre is the most common product we fit into a loft space. This comes in rolls and is rolled out with the first layer laid between the joists and then a second layer at a right angle to cover the joists. Our fully trained and experienced installers can also insulate your tanks, pipes and loft hatch whilst ensuring the correct ventilation is maintained with your roof space.

The specialised fibre used for loft insulation is a high quality fire-retardant compound that contains no chemical toxins. This material does not deteriorate with age and will keep your home securely insulated for many years to come. Current U.K. standards organisations recommend a minimum material thickness of 270mm for domestic properties. It is highly advised that older properties with lower quality insulation be brought up to date to comply with modern standards. If you are interested in natural materials for your loft space our experts can advise on alternative products available.

Loft Storage/Loft Boarding

If you would like to use your loft for storage space we can install raised storage boarding within the loft. The joists are raised above the fitted insulation so as to not compromise on heat saving whilst allowing you to fully maximise the storage space within your property.

Room in Roof Insulation

If you have or are converting your loft into a living space we can insulate this for your by insulating the room itself rather than the loft floor. This creates a warm roof application. The walls in the roof space and any dormer windows are insulated usually using a rigid insulation board which we would then enclose with plasterboard ready for plastering and decorating.

*based on installing 270mm into a Semi Detached house. Data taken from the Energy Saving Trust website.

If you have a small inaccessible roof space this is still possible to insulate. We can inject a loose mineral blown fibre into these spaces to ensure your property is insulated in all possible areas.

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